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Since its inception in March 2014, Safe Rail Communities has been researching and raising awareness about the transportation by rail of dangerous goods.  We are ordinary Canadians who have contributed countless hours to this important issue, informing ourselves about the status of rail safety in our country, and sharing our knowledge with other concerned citizens.  The more people we met while canvassing door-to-door and tabling at local events, the more we realized the value of our research and the importance of sharing it. 

Canadians are extremely concerned about the possibility of another explosive derailment in one of our rail communities.  Experts have confirmed that given the significant increase in the transportation by rail of volatile crude oil,  it is not a question of 'if', but rather of 'when' and 'where'. 

No one wishes to witness a repeat of the July 2013 tragedy of Lac-M├ęgantic.  However, despite ensuing ministerial orders and emergency directives, there were further fiery derailments near Gainford, AB (Oct2013), Plaster Rock, NB (Jan2014), Timmins, ON (Feb2015), and Gogama, ON (Mar2015).    While there were no serious injuries reported, people were evacuated from their homes, and the environment around the derailments will never be as healthy as it once was.    Additional explosive derailments have occurred in the U.S. , fortunately none with fatalities, but the number of close calls give us all reason to doubt the integrity of our rail system and the oversight of this system.

Having submitted multiple documents to raise our concerns to all levels of government, and having delivered increasing numbers of public presentations, Safe Rail Communities began to condense and focus our message.  This message outlines our concerns, our recommendations, and a call to action for all Canadians.  It is now all captured in our simple brochure, which we know will play a vital role in raising awareness in rail communities across the country.

To reach Canadians in these communities, we need your support to produce 90,000 of our brochures and distribute them.  Based on our own initial support to produce a few thousand of these brochures to distribute locally, and based on our research of mailing costs, we know that our target of $12,000 CDN will allow us to attain our goal of sharing our knowledge with people who live along the CN and CP rail line that span our country.

Together we can raise our concerns on this issue, and demonstrate that public safety is a priority for us all, and should be for our federal government as well.

Together we can all STAND UP for Safe, Transparent, and Regulated Rail.

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